Reflections Book


52 uniquely presented, thought-provoking devotionals, that will lift you up when you are down. These inspirational messages will speak to your challenging situations, encourage you and help to increase your faith.

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The Christian Power Book Reflections is a uniquely presented series of devotionals. Included in this inspirational book are journal areas for you to record your thoughts and action steps for you to make changes in your life. Filled with seeds of wisdom, The Christian Power Book Reflections will help you to achieve three essential things needed for spiritual growth.

(1) Meditate on the word and teachings of God
(2) Record your thoughts and feelings
(3) Create Christ-centred actions, that will help you discover and fulfil God’s plan for your life

This devotional and action planner is easy to use and is designed for people who want to grow and take positive action in their life.

Written in simple language, it will inspire and challenge you to reflect, then, make positive changes in a number of areas in your spiritual life.


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